Susan Boyle…Singing and Social Media Sensation

How do you get 15 million hits in one day on You Tube? Grow up in Scotland, enter a TV talent show, wear your Sunday best and unashamedly tell the world you are still waiting to be kissed. Was that easy? Well, not quite. Susan Boyle was living her life for 47 years and endured her share of challenges before deciding to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. The seven minute seven seconds You Tube video capturing an incredible piece of reality TV  has set the world on fire for oh so many reasons. To call her an unassuming 47 year old Scottish church volunteer who lives with her cat, Pebbles, will no doubt prove to be the understatement of the year.  Her rendition of  “I dreamed a dream” from “Les Miserables”…a song selection with such a delicious irony that shocked Simon Cowell to his core on the show  was mesmerizing to watch. If Susan had a dream to sing in front of a large audience and simply be satisfied with that, her dream was realized. However, the world has bigger plans for Susan Boyle and it will be a pleasure to watch them unfold. Teased as a child for her learning disability, giving up her plans for a singing career to look after her mother who passed away in 2007 at the age of 91 and now thrust into the world spotlight with more social media commentary written about her than any person in a  twenty four hour time span, it will be exciting to watch Susan’s dream unfold. Her story inspires millions to believe in themselves and follow their dream. In a world that encourages the quest for physical perfection, a designer wardrobe, an obsession with everything external and all things insignificant, Susan Boyle’s performance reminds us all that true beauty lies within and that our purpose in life is to use the divine talents that we all possess to simply bring joy to others.


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